About us

Unity House is the first of many sober living homes owned and operated by Our Unity House, Inc. This sober living home, as our other homes will be, is dedicated to offering a home to men, and soon women, who are transitioning back into a life free of drugs and alchohol.

Our Unity House Homes are offering what often can't be found in the "regular" world . We can offer a safe and sober living environment as well as structure and accountability. We do not allow those who disrupt the lives of others through negative actions stay in the house thus making it an enjoyable home for everyone.

We chose to form this non-profit organization after having several friends go through rehabilitation programs. When they were finished with their rehabilitation stay they expressed a need for a safe place to continue working their program . We listened to their perceptions of other homes and rehab experiences, both positive and negative, and incorporated those ideas into our home(s). We know how important having a sober environment is as well as having the support of people who understand what you are going through. We require that you attend meetings and stay dedicated to your program. We want you to succeed.

Unity House Code of Conduct

House Rules

1) YOU ARE HERE TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK! There is a zero-tolerance policy towards drug and alcohol use on or off the premises, use of such will result in the guest’s immediate dismissal from the house. Guests may be asked to submit to drug and or alcohol tests at any time. Refusal to submit to a test will be treated as a positive test result.

2) Violence: No form of aggression, from yelling to any sort of physical contact or damaging house property will be tolerated in any way, shape or form and may result in immediate dismissal from the house.

3) Cleanliness: Guests are expected to keep their rooms neat, tabletops clear, laundry stowed appropriately and THE BATHROOM CLEAN. Maintaining good personal hygiene, washing laundry and bed linens at least weekly are examples of what is expected of guests. Guests must pull their own weight when it comes to daily chores in the house and cleaning up after themselves. Bathroom articles must be kept in your room in your own personal space. YOU MUST WASH YOUR OWN DISHES EACH TIME YOU USE THEM!

4) Visitors: No overnight visitors are allowed. No women are allowed in the bedrooms at any time.

5) Advancing one’s recovery: Every guest must attend at least 3 meetings per week. We believe this is important to your continuing recovery.

6) When leaving the house: all ceiling fans, lights, televisions, and radios must be turned off. If they are not you will lose the privileges to use them! Your belongings are not insured.

7) If you leave Our Unity House for any reason, whether you are asked to leave, leave voluntarily or are taken away involuntarily, we will only hold your possessions for 30 days. After that they will be donated to various charities.

8) If you relapse: You forfeit your deposit and you will be required to leave immediately.

9) All residents must be in the house during the hours of 11 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday, through 6 a.m. *** Unless otherwise required by your program, P.O or place of employment.